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37th Week


We hope you all are pushing towards the end of the school year, we know this year has come with some challenges that we have never seen before. With that being said we are reaching out to ensure you and your student are aware of the opportunity below.

We are offering a shortened version of summer school called 37th week. This course will be offered through our e-learning platform at no cost to your student and will run from May 27th– June 2nd. Teachers will be facilitating the 37th week from 8 am - 1 pm; however, in our digital platform, students may complete work on their own outside of the designated hours.

We will be offering classes in Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Specific courses noted below:

English Language Arts 1,2,3

Algebra/Geometry 1 & 2



US History

The timeline of 37th week will most likely allow for one course to be addressed, if a student requires multiple classes, we will recommend defaulting to English Language Arts as it required all four years towards graduation.

We will need confirmation of registration no later than Friday, May 22nd at 3pm.

Please use this link to enroll