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Students Learn ‘Why Westy’ is Such a Good Choice

Why Westy

When you can’t bring students to the school, the next best thing is to bring the school to them, virtually.

That’s what happened on the night of Wednesday, February 24 as Principal Kiffany Kiewiet and her staff hosted a “Why Westy?” online meeting for 8th-grade students who are deciding on what high school to attend next year. A personalized invitation was sent out to all WPS students as well as a social media invite to students in surrounding communities.

In all, 120 students logged in to learn more about the school from the administrative team and also from graduates who came back to share stories about their time at Westy. They explained how and why WHS worked so well for them and set them up for that all-important day after graduation.

Students then broke off into smaller zoom sessions to learn about programs and activities offered by the school.

After the event, Kiewiet wrote a note to the team thanking them for their hard work.

“I am so impressed with tonight’s event!  You all killed it!” she wrote. "Thank you to every one of you for being who you are and for being a part of our Westy family. You all rock!”

Check out the video highlighting everything Westy has to offer as well as the website