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Westy High School Students Focus on ‘Self-Care’, Profiled by Channel 7 News

During the week of April 5, Westminster High School students are beginning every day by sharing important information about self-care and how to “look out” for themselves and friends during stressful times.

Self-Care Spirit Week is the brainchild of the Westminster High School Student Council who decided that classrooms were the perfect environment for students to learn healthy tips and practices. The Student Council created a PowerPoint curriculum that includes student videos, discussion topics and activities focusing on this critical issue.

Channel 7 News profiled the project on its Tuesday morning show talking with student Gabe Lucero and teacher and Student Council Advisor Jessiann Schrader. You can see the interview below.

“It was overwhelming,” is how Lucero described the first days of the pandemic when talking to 7News. That said, he says many classmates are still struggling with the changes. “I am seeing a lot of friendships and relationships that have broken by this crisis. It's important for students to know they are not alone.”

During the first class of the day, while students are eating breakfast in their classroom, teachers are addressing the importance of self-care and engaging with students on the importance of laughter, kindness, gratitude and other important aspects of leading a healthy, happy life.” 

“This is a totally student-run project,” said Principal Kiffany Kiewiet. “One of the great things about our students is how concerned they are about the welfare of their classmates.”