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Personal Profile: Lesly Lozano Venicio

Lesly Senior at WHS

Among the materials handed out to participants at the 2021 WPS Summit is a notebook designed by Westminster High School student, Lesly Lozano Venicio. That notebook is now in the hands of nearly 200 teachers, principals and other education leaders from around the country. Lesly’s artwork stood out among dozens of other submissions from WPS students, and that’s exactly what Lesly strives to do, stand out.

Lesly is interested in pursuing an education and career in fashion where she wants to promote sustainability and ethical working conditions in the industry. She says that growing up most of her clothing was thrifted and that’s where she drew inspiration for her art thread this year. The artwork she submitted for the Summit is made up of textiles from second-hand clothing pieces. Learn more about Lesly and the inspiration behind her art in the personal profile below.