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WPS Leads Way in Developing High Reliability Teachers

High Reliability Teacher (HRT) certification has become the “gold standard” for educators seeking to become even better at their jobs and Westminster Public Schools has three of them, with still other teachers in the pipeline.

Seth Abbott, Carrie Strand and Fay Airomlo, all from John E. Flynn A Marzano Academy, have been certified as HRT by Marzano Resources. Abbott was the first teacher in the country to earn the distinction.

The Marzano Academy was also the first school in the country to be certified as a High Reliability School.

HRT Certification is a rigorous review process that requires teachers to analyze their own teaching skills and allow outside experts to evaluate their work. The goal is to help teachers broaden their skill sets:

  • Focus on continuous improvement.
  • Grow professionally in instruction, assessment, and feedback.
  • Improve student achievement.
  • Develop expertise and expand career opportunities.

What’s Up WPS spent time in Abbott’s classroom to explain how HRT certification happens and how it helps students.