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Teachers of the Year Honored

Jenna Lindenmuth, Chris Tidd and Carisa Olmos have each been named the 2023 Westminster Elks Teacher of the Year for their outstanding work in the classroom and beyond.

The Westminster Elks honored them at a special dinner in March and last week the Board of Education recognized them for their work.

Jenna Lindenmuth

Special Services Teacher: Hodgkins Leadership Academy

Principal Amber Swieckowski nominated Jenna for the award, writing:

“In addition to being a gifted educator, Jenna is also a champion for the students she serves. She helps them to see their strengths both in academics and in their character. Her expectations are high, but she supports the students the entire way.”

Carisa Olmos

Elementary Teacher: Orchard Park Academy

Principal Name: Zack White

Principal Zack White nominated Carisa for the award, writing:

“One of Carisa’s students, Stefan Keryan, was hurt and ended up with a significant injury while in Belize in December of 2022.  Belize did not have a level 1 trauma center, and getting him back to the United States for medical care was a matter of life and death.  His teacher, Mrs. Carisa Olmos immediately jumped into action to start raising funds to get Stefan back to Colorado.  This included reaching out to media stations and promoting the story. Once we received news of Stefan’s struggle, I witnessed the tireless efforts of Carisa to ensure that her student got back home and got the care he needed. In all my years of being in education, I have not ever seen a teacher move mountains to help save the life of one of her students.  This is a testament to Carisa’s love and commitment to her students and community.  Caria is a prime example of a teacher who always puts kids first."



Chris Tidd

Intermediate Teacher: Colorado STEM Academy

Principal Brenda Martin nominated Chris for the award, writing:

“Chris is such a special person!  He has an innate ability to connect with students through stories and through truly getting to know them. When you walk in his room, you see so many exciting endeavors to keep kids engaged in learning. He works to connect content with life skills in everything he does by helping students build grit and resiliency as they attempt tough problems.”