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Metropolitan Arts Academy’s Dylan Shelofsky Named a 2022 Teacher of the Year

Dylan Shelofsky, a primary classroom teacher at Metropolitan Arts Academy was selected as one of three educators in Westminster Public Schools (WPS) for the 2022 Westminster Elks Teacher of the Year honor. She was nominated by Claudette Trujillo, Principal at MAA who calls Ms. Shelofsky the “Perfect fit,” for the performing arts innovation school.

“In addition to supporting her learners with academics, she is constantly finding ways to support their love of the arts,” said Trujillo. “Students across the building feel a deep connection to Ms. Shelofsky because of the impact she has made on their lives in and out of the classroom.”

Shelofsky, along with Jory Hemming, a Science Teacher at Westminster High School and Elizabeth Gallegos a Middle School Literacy Teacher at Colorado STEM Academy were recognized at the Board of Education meeting on May 10.

Shelofsky is the daughter of a Principal and a Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Shelofsky made her way back from Columbia University to Colorado to start her career in Westminster Public Schools and has called it home since. She is a strong advocate for our competency based system and for equitable access to the arts and education for all children.

Watch the video above to learn more about Shelofsky’s teaching philosophy and what she really loves about working with level one students.

Stay tuned for our final What’s Up WPS newsletter on May 25 as we profile Elizabeth Gallegos and watch Jory Hemming’s story here.