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December 2020 Newsletter

December 2020 Newsletter

Important Dates: 

Monday December 7th 6pm - Parent Advisory Committee

Winter Break - December 21 - January 4th. 

Returning January 5th! 

Westminster Drive-Thru Night Market 

Every Wednesday 4-6pm at City Park Rec Center (10455 Sheridan Blvd. Westminster, CO). 

FREE Fresh fruits, veggies, daity products and gift cards to local restaurants.  No appointment necessary - drive up only. More info, call 303-706-3663.

Letter from the Principal

Dear ELC Community,

It has been a busy few weeks at the Early Learning Center!   I love the excitement in the eyes of the children each and every day. We love hearing the laughter, the singing and seeing the wonderful growth of our students.  However, with this wonderful time of year comes the c-c-c-cold outside.  With the winter months in full swing, and more severe weather conditions that typically happen this time of year, I wanted to review our inclement weather policies to reassure and help parents and families prepare and plan:

·         Weather-related school delays or school closures. In the event of severe weather, the district will send out automatic phone calls and texts as soon as a decision is made about closures or  a two-hour delay in opening times. The district will also post information on our website and local news channels.

·         Winter clothing. Children should arrive at school dressed for the weather of the day so they can safely and comfortably enjoy recesses. Dressing children in layers is always the best idea.  In winter months, please remember to pack  shoes to change into from their snow boots. Children are taken out for recess to get  fresh air and exercise, except in extreme weather conditions (wind chill, rain, snow, etc.). Thank you for remembering to send your students with coats, gloves, and hats. If your child cannot participate in recess for health reasons, please send a note via tadpoles to this effect. If it is to be a prolonged indoor stay (longer than 3 days) please send a note from the doctor.

·         Weather monitoring. Students will remain inside in extreme weather conditions such as: very cold temperatures (below 32 degrees) and wind chill, heavy rain and snowfall, unhealthy air/inversions (we check air quality daily).

·         Late pick-ups. School hours for infants are 7:30am- 5:00 pm, and 7:15am-5:15pmfor all other students. In the event that you are running late for pick up, please give us a call at  (303)428-1330.

·         Safety in the Parking Lot. Please be careful and  safety-conscious as you drop off and pick up students at school. In the winter months we see an increase in the number of cars. Remember to not block the flow of traffic or cross-walk areas. Please use extreme caution as you enter and exit your car (“walk like a penguin” to avoid falls).

We wish you happy and healthy holidays! We will see you back on January 5.

Warm regards,