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Marzano Academy Recognized for its Safe and Collaborative Culture

HRS Marzano High Reliability Schools Network Level 1 Certified, 2018

John E. Flynn A Marzano Academy has been certified as having a safe and collaborative culture, a major first step on the Academy’s path to being named an elite High Reliability School (HRS). High Reliability status, the highest ranking available under the Marzano Academy formula, can only be achieved by receiving certifications in five separate levels.  No school has yet reached level 5 status which is the goal of John E. Flynn a Marzano Academy.  

“Creating a safe and collaborative culture is the foundation on which all future success is built,” said Principal Brian Kosena. “We have placed a great emphasis on making all students feel safe and secure.”

John E. Flynn A Marzano Academy opened earlier this year as an innovation school embracing the ideas and learning strategies of Dr. Robert Marzano, one of the most respected educators in the country. The Academy model uses highly trained teachers to deliver a high quality education that focuses on more than just academics. Social and emotional skills are a major part of the curriculum including a requirement that students find ways to give back to their community.

Level one certification requires a school or academy to offer proof to an evaluation team that the school culture meets specific criteria. Recent surveys of parents, teachers and students have all noted dramatic improvements since the Academy opened in August.

A key component to certification was the incorporation of “Rachel’s Challenge” into the academy curriculum. The program was founded in memory of Columbine High School shooting victim Rachel Scott who made it a point to live a life of kindness and inclusivity for all students.

Next up for the Academy is Level 2 Certification, which requires an effective teacher in every classroom.

Teacher Seth Abbott has  just received his level two certificatin and is poised to become the first teacher in the country to achieve level three status. 

Readers can learn more about the High Reliability School program here.