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Students, Families and Staff Benefit from a Day at the Museum

Throughout the fall, busloads of Westminster Public Schools elementary students, families and staff head for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for a unique field trip that includes an entire school. On Nov. 2, What’s Up WPS joined John E. Flynn A Marzano Academy on their museum outing.

When the buses arrived, teachers headed off to their professional development while family chaperones lead students to classrooms where museum educators and coordinators tailored learning experiences for students from kindergarten to fifth grade. Each class has five to seven chaperones that split kids into small groups and then take students through various exhibits in the museum.

"Students get to teach their parents some of the stuff they’ve learned here at the museum and right away they want to run to their teachers and share what they did during their day," said Hugo Valdez, coordinator for onsite programs at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. "It’s a really good opportunity for kids to learn with their families."

Watch the What’s Up WPS video above or click through the photo gallery below to get a glimpse of Flynn’s fun-filled day at the museum.