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See it Here: Harris Park Students ‘Celebrate the Beat’ on PBS

Six students from Harris Park Elementary got their television debut when their Celebrate the Beat dance routine premiered on January 2 on KRMA-TV. The episode will also air on January 30 at 6:30 a.m.

The independent nonprofit group, Celebrate the Beat teaches children about igniting curiosity, passion, teamwork and the spirit of never giving up. Each lesson is tied to an enriching cross-curricular theme. This theme connects to a final performance for students to joyfully share what they’ve learned with the community. At Harris Park, students learned to dance while also picking up details about the planet closest to the sun, Mercury.

Kenya, a student at Harris Park said it felt great to have her performance on TV, “I was happy to show my mom what I learned.”

You can watch the full episode in the YouTube video above.