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Star Wars themed Field Day returns to Harris Park

After a two-year hiatus due to COVID restrictions, students and teachers from Harris Park Elementary were thrilled to bring back their favorite activity of the year: Field Day. Originally planned for May 4, this year’s theme was the Star Wars inspired, “May the Fourth be with You.” Unfortunately, due to rain, the field day was rescheduled to Friday, May 6, but the delayed festivities went off without a hitch.

Planned and organized by physical education teacher, Anthony Bendover, Field Day encourages friendly competition in more than 10 different activities. Jump rope, hula-hoop and potato sack races were among the classics, but Mr. B’s more creative competitions were the most popular. One event involved untying one shoe and kicking it as far as possible. Another event used pool noodles as “light sabers” to attack Darth Vader (building aide Carol Rule.) Yet another challenge had kids using water guns to spray an inflated ball designed to look like the droid BB8 across a field.

Parents and grandparents cheered and snapped photos while kids enjoyed well-deserved popsicles and showed off their first, second and third place ribbons. Several students were overheard saying this was their favorite day of the year! Click through the photo gallery to get a glimpse into their special day.