The rest of my view: Setting Part 2

Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 4/6/2020

If you walked in my front door, you will see that the living room has been taken over by toys! If you make it past the toys you see the table filled with papers, assignments, pens and other school supplies.  Around the corner you find one of my favorite rooms, the kitchen! I feel most comfortable in this room.  Cooking calms me and helps me feel normal.  My other refuge is my porch!  I am spending a lot of time, sitting and enjoying the sun these past few days.  

Kitchen fun

You will often hear music.  It may be my son singing or my husband playing a record. We are dancing often.  There is also computer, phone and IPAD noise.  Videos, games, meetings, facetime and all the other distractions that we can find on these devices.

Besides my son and husband, you would run into my dog Eddie!  He likes to stay close to my side.  If I am in the room he is never far behind.