Chapter 2-myself

Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 4/13/2020

Myself?  The question is how am I keeping sane really?  I am taking some time to rediscover things I loved to do and maybe don't find time for always.  

I walk everyday  I take pictures on the sky and clouds and that helps me remember that life is generally good.  I am a very optimistic person, so watching the news is very difficult.  I try and stay positive, but when I hear sad stories, or people treating each other poorly, I get frustrated and sad.  I try not to watch news more than once a day.  It is too aggravating.  So I walk to clear my head in the morning.

I take time to organize my day.  My son is at home doing school, and I am teaching so I need to know what is on the schedule for both of us.  I make a list for him.  I use this to help me make sure he gets done with what he needs.  I also use it to help me figure out when I can work.  My husband is now a gym teacher and we both are recess monitors.  

I check in more with people.  I worry about how everyone is doing.  I Marco Polo my sisters each morning, I text friends who are nurses to made sure they are still safe, I text fellow teachers/friends about assignments and about how they are dealing with this change.  I call friends and family whenever I feel like it. It helps for me to know how everyone else is doing/coping.

I try and make something everyday.  I cook all the time!  I write, create projects with my son.  I have started to clean, deep clean. Whatever keeps me busy.  

Finally, I think a lot about what you guys are doing.  If you are ok.  If you are able to connect with others? If your family is being supported?  You wouldn't believe the scenarios that go through my head.  I use my optimism to help me see the best in each thought.

Hope you are all well.