Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 4/15/2020

A month ago,  here is what a Wednesday would look like for me:

5:30-wake up and take out the dog

6-7 Shower, dress, make breakfast/lunches, make sure everyone has what they need in their backpacks.

7-7:15 hang out with my son and see how he is doing today.

7:15- leave for work, this is an ideal day, it does not always happen like this

7:45 make coffee, turn on computer, organize a bit, pour myself a cup of coffee and head up to the morning meeting.

8-8:30 meeting

8:30 Get ready for KHF, my day, check in with other teachers.

9:45- we are off!  Teaching changes for me each day so who knows what I would have been doing, but I am busy from this time until the end of the day!  Could be meeting, teaching, testing, planning, lunch, hall duty, emails, phone calls, all these things can be part of my day.

4:00- Math counts, or head home.

4:30ish? depends on traffic and when I actually left the building.

Play with my son, catch up with my husband, cook dinner,play again, listen to music, dance, get Wyatt ready for bed, Get ready for bed myself, sit for a moment read, watch TV.


Then go to bed, time changes each day and get ready to start again tomorrow!