New Normal

Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 4/24/2020

My New Normal:

5-7am I wake up sometime between these hours.  I no longer use an alarm clock.  I just wake up when by body and mind are ready. First thing I do when I wake up is take my dog Eddie outside.Eddie

After Eddie and I hang out for a bit, I send my sister a Marco Polo and head out for my morning walk.  The length of my walk depends on the weather, but I try and get one in each day.

When I step back in the house, I go on work mode.  Make lists for Wyatt and I about what we have to get done.  Check emails, make sure my lesson is set for the day.  Answer text and Chat questions and have some quiet time.  

8:00- I check to see if Wyatt is awake and get him started on his mornning routine.

I have an hour to get stuff done, before Wyatt starts school.

9:00-Wyatt reports to his morning meeting.

After that our day just takes off.  He has meetings, I have meetiings, we both have work.  We take a lot of recesses to keep us both focused.  My husband is in charge of gym.  Wyatt is learning to ride his bike without training

When gym is over it is lunch time.  Wyatt takes a break downstairs and I catch up on what I need to do around the house.

After lunch it is back to work.  Wyatt usually finishes before me.  If so he goes and plays outside, hangs out with dad or builds something new.

When I finish my work we usually hang out on the porch as a family. Listen to music, dance, run around the back yard, work in the garden, play a game.  It depends on the day and our mood.  At some point I make dinner.  We eat, hang out some more.  

8:00 pm -Howling time.  We howl every night to honor all the essential workers.  I have many friends who are nurses or doctors, grocery store workers, etc.  I also think of our cafeterial ladies handing out food everyday.  It is one of my favorite things to do.

Finally Wyatt gets redy for bed and Jason and I hange out, watch some TV, talk, listen to music, whatever we feel like.

Then it starts again.










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