Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 5/11/2020

To take care of myself, I give myself permission to take a moment alone.  I have already talked about walking in the morning, but besides excercise it also gives me time to think, process without interruption.  

Throughout my day I take other little breaks.  Bake something, cook, plant, dig in the dirt, read or play catch with my dog.  A little moment helps me get back on track.

There is a lot to take in these days and my mind wonders.  Right now I worry about all my students at home.  How are you?  What are you doing for yourselves?  I worry about what is to come?  What will school look like in the fall?  Will I have in person classes?  Will I be home again?  Will I be able to visit my parents this summer?  What will my sons birthday look like?

My mind is constantly going, so taking a moment to breathe and know that is ok, is most important right now.